Molly Pomroy

I always thought I would become a writer - undoubtedly. But while I created stories in my head and avoided putting pen to paper, I ran around town with a camera attached to my wrist - videotaping fake commercials and pranks pulled on my sister - never realizing the inevitable.

It wasn't until I left my hometown that I figured it out: stories in word, and stories from a camera, are interchangeable. Where the "ah-ha!" moment in written word is the, "I need to click this button right here, right now!" moment in the photo world. Atleast for me, anyway.

I was told when dealing with photography to wait for "the moment." To wait until something sparks so powerfully before my eyes that it would be a sin to deprive the world from seeing it. But I say: a spark is different for every person. Capturing the essence of life, though, is something everyone can relate to.

I'm passionate, I'm intrigued. I'm weird, I'm witty. I'll crack a joke to make you laugh and tell you stories about myself. Most importantly: I ask questions, I gauge your comfort - if you don't feel like you can be yourself, I'm not doing my job correctly. 

I'm Molly Pomroy. Let's chat.