Molly Pomroy

I thought I would become a writer - undoubtedly. But while I created stories in my head and avoided putting my pen to paper, I ran around town with a camera attached to my wrist - videotaping fake commercials and pranks pulled on my sister. I never realized the inevitable.

Not until I left my hometown did I figure it out: stories in word, and stories from a camera, are interchangeable. Where the "ah-ha!" moment in written word is the, "I need to click this button right here, right now!" moment in the photo world. At least for me, anyway.

In photography, they say to wait for "the moment” - until something sparks so powerfully before my eyes, it’d be a sin to deprive the world from seeing it. But I say: a spark is different for every person. Capturing the essence of life, though, is something everyone can relate to. That’s why video is my love.

I’m now an elementary school teacher, and everything else about me has held true - I'm passionate, I'm intrigued. I'm weird, I'm witty. I'll crack a joke to make you laugh and tell you stories about myself. Most importantly: I ask questions, I gauge your comfort - if you don't feel like you can be yourself, I'm not being me or doing my job correctly. 

I'm Molly Pomroy. Let's chat.