Creating thousands of words with a click or a scribble.

I'm big on words. I am a passionate storyteller, whether the stories be written or verbal. I crave to be the creator of a story that will be heard time and time again, and I scribble in my notebooks or pound at my keyboard to do just that. I'm eager to create something extraordinary with my imagination and opinions. But stories don't have to be written.

I learned in a photography class to wait for "the moment," to wait until something sparks so powerfully before my eyes that it would be a sin to deprive the world from seeing it. But I say: a spark is different for every person. Capturing the essence of life, though, is something everyone can relate to.

I'm creative, I'm a lover, I'm passionate, I'm weird, I'm driven, I'm witty. See for yourself!

I'm Molly Pomroy. Let's chat. / 774.222.2874